Project Outline

  • Project
  • Dental Clinic Renovation
  • Architect
  • MCI Bidder Design
  • Location
  • Vashon, WA
  • Duration
  • 30 Days
  • Market Sector
  • Medical/Dental Tenant Improvements
  • Core
  • Interior Renovation
  • Add SF with Additional Operatories

Project Story

Vashon Dental Clinic owned and operated by William Rosendahl DDS was in need of a complete renovation. This renovation was performed as another Bidder Design Project by MCI and consisted of all new cabinetry, state of the art equipment, controls and finishes for the office. During this process additional square footage was added to the clinic and a long needed additional 4th operatory. Due to business and patient needs, timeline for these renovations required that the office be closed and all operations minimized.

Project Objective

All planning and choices to be confirmed with deliveries of specialty items committed and under contract. Completion of the project consisted of new plumbing, gas and specialty equipment with computerized interfaces woven seamlessly into new custom cabinet operatory service systems. All operations would resume practice in a given 4 weeks while the staff took an extended vacation.

Project Results

Project successfully completed in 24 calendar days- ahead of schedule and on budget, resulting in extreme client satisfaction.